SYNERGYTRUMP Trading is a sole proprietorship engaged in buying and selling empty ink and toner cartridges.

SYNERGYTRUMP was established by Edwin D. Chavez in August 2013 and has been in operation since that time. SYNERGYTRUMP began operations in a small apartment type facility where the SYNERGYTRUMP currently lease 15,000 monthly. The operation is staffed by the owner and seven commission based employee. The addition of two additional employees within the next year of operation, with approximately 6 employees within the next three years will be required to meet identified market demand and potential.
During the first six months of operation, SYNERGYTRUMP has established an operation with more than two hundred customers within Metro Manila. An initial market survey of several buyers and customers in Metro Manila alone has identified more than ten thousands potential customers using cartridges.

The mission of SYNERGYTRUMP during its first three years of operation will be to provide good and quality services to a variety of clients. SYNERGYTRUMP’s long term goal will be to identify areas of opportunity in the industry that will allow us to begin shipping the product to other continents. In an effort to move us toward this goal, we have been communicating to traders from South-east Asia.

SYNERGYTRUMP’s equipment currently includes five working computer desktop with reliable internet and power back up, three lines of telephone and three wireless phone. The start-up cost for equipment, materials and working capital was approximately 30,800. To date, the business has been finance by the sole proprietor itself. In anticipation of future demand for SYNERGYTRUMP’s services, a detailed expansion plan has been drafted and price quotations have been obtained.

With current working capital SYNERGYTRUMP’s production capacity is approximately 120,000 per month sales. With the addition of 50,000 capital,2 additional employees, SYNERGYTRUMP operations increased revenue to approximately 240,000 per month.