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an independently owned, started young and limited in business since August 2013.It is operated by Mr. Edwin Chavez. Mr. Chavez is responsible for a number of innovations over a year including providing quality service to its clients, exploring potential market beyond its scope and entry into internet market.

SYNERGYTRUMP’s management realizes that, in order to maintain the 25% growth in sales and 12% profits the firm has enjoyed over the past year, management must be sensitive to new opportunities and to changing client’s needs, attitudes, and preferences. It is the ongoing goal of SYNERGYTRUMP’s management and employees to continually search for new profit opportunities as well as new ways to meet other client needs of its target market

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Do you know that hundreds of thousands of empty/used laser, copier, printer, fax and inkjet cartridges are sent back to Hewlett Packard, Canon, Lexmark, Samsung and others every month. These empty cartridges are sent back without any credit or reimbursement to the sender. Those cartridges are used in the manufacturers recycling programs. If you are going to recycle your printer supplies, sell them to us. We will recycle your used ink and toner cartridges and pay you each for those empty printer cartridges. We buy over 100 different model of empty cartridges.

Transaction now is made easy. We do free Pick up and Meet up within Metro Manila or ship your item to us to those outside the Metro. We also accept refilled items of toner and ink cartridges however there maybe a big change on its buying prices.We are always ready to serve everyday.Looking forward to do business with you.


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SYNERGYTRUMP Trading is a sole proprietorship.

engaged in buying and selling empty ink and toner cartridges

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